About us

We are the international technical assistance project "Support to Ukraine's Reforms for Governance" (SURGe).

SURGe is funded by the Government of Canada and implemented by Alinea International.

Prior to 24 February 2022, we had been assisting the Government of Ukraine in implementing key reforms, preparing amendments

On 24 February 2022
for us, just like for millions of Ukrainians, everything changed

Today, we are helping to meet the critical needs of Ukrainian citizens in food, hygiene and healthcare products in the frontline areas and temporarily occupied territories.

  • We provide support to children who come under fire and need to be evacuated.
  • We help communities accommodate citizens who have been forced to leave their homes.
  • We take care of Ukrainians who, fleeing the war, go abroad and risk becoming victims of human trafficking.
  • We are working to preserve and restore Ukraine.
Today, we have teamed up with key partners to achieve the important goal of
preventing famine in Ukraine
That is why we are launching an all-Ukrainian campaign - "Victory Gardens", which is aimed at the efficient use of every piece of land for growing food.
Sow, plant,
harvest your Victory!
Our Partners